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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I love you

hey chickens,
so sorry for my little mental thing on the 19 of June, i just wasn't in the right mental space.
So thank you all so very much for your lovely messages and support from the post. they made me feel a bit better (so did watching mean girls), but really actually this is a huge favour that i will never be able to re-pay you guys for that. like you guys are the only people i know i can fully count on and i will never take that for granted.

So like this is honestly insane, i have 2097 views on my blog like how. like how am i that interesting to 2097 people, like their is less people in my school im pretty sure. i cant even proses, its just so amazing to me.
And also i have 987 followers on instagram, like god, that many people- i was blown away at 100 followers.

I've done so much in my life that i regret but this is by far not one of them. i started blogging for me because i was bored with my life. now i get on the bus of an afternoon and check your lovely messages and put in blogpost ideas in my phone. that i how much blogging has positivly impacted my life.

So on the 7 of July its my 1 year of blogging. im actually so excited for the blogpost i have planned. like this past year so much has changed, so much has happened and some of it was fantastic some of it was sh*t.
But im going to write like a whole novel for next thursday, and yeah

So thank you all for the lovely support, if you ever need someone just hit me up in my dm or something because i would love to help you all through tough times. but you mean the world to me and i will always love you forever.
Until next time, bye, i love you

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