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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Lets get real

Hey chickens,
So I'm just going to explain a few things in this post.

At the moment I don't even know how I feel. I'm just a mess. I love a boy, who (I'm pretty sure) doesn't love me back, and i feel like I'm in a tunnel that has no end. I'm having panic attacks that ive never really had before in my life, ive had anxiety but not as high as this before in my life and over-all im just kind-of down in the dumps. words cant describe how i feel at the moment, i feel empty. ok, this is how i feel, empty, sad, worthless but most importantly i feel like nothing. i worry too much about everyone's opinion and approval and just gahhhhh. my friends from school think that i have trust issue's (and i might ) but who is to say that at any given moment they won't leave and they always want me to open up to them, but what if they go away, and just yeah.

So if i dont post much at the moment, or when i do post that they aren't very energetic, im sorry ill get through this.
i love you all and you really do mean the world to me. so byyyyyye my loves xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


  1. Aw Em! :( I hope everything works out for you for the future :)��
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  2. Literally crushes are the worst but the longer you have your crush the more used you get to new feelings. I had my crush for about 3yrs. It is honestly hard for me cause I'm a shy girl but I slowly got more used to my feelings and being around him and not feeling so anxious. It takes time but just be yourself and I'm sure he'll like you :) - Lay from

    1. whats not to like ;) nah but thanks and the are like the worst, but he has declined my instagram requested 3 times ekkk xxxx