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Sunday, 26 June 2016

New Things

Hey chickens,
Last night i spent at least 3 hours organising new accounts, emails, my blog just everything to do with my blog. Now after a long night I will be revealing my secrets nah but I will be sharing what i was up to last night.

Now I have an official blog email which I will put down there somewhere for business inquires, promos or if you just want to chat!
I also have a twitter (which I will actively use, unlike my last one), and a google plus account.
My Instagram has stayed the same.

Google+ | @Em blogs
Twitter | @emblogs0
Instagram | @em_blogs
Email Address |
(If the email address doesn't work, then feel free to contact me on social media!)

I also have a new logo. Basically I'm going to go through the story with my logo with you, so you understand.
When I first started blogging I just used random pictures from my iPad. Then i noticed people had logos so I got one which was aqua with grey and white writing. Then I used my most recent one with the white background and the blue flower thing with the white writing. Then Mel (vanilla highlights- go check out her blog) had a new logo (which looks amazing) and i thought, I want something simple but me. So i was thinking and I remember that a friend of mine said use this as a theme divider, so I'm going to use this as my logo

So that is my new logo.

If your ever unsure if one if my social media accounts is actually mine, everyone of them will have this as the profile picture.

Also above this blogpost will be long strip that will say Email Address... so if you but your email in their and verify then when I post a blog you will never miss it because it will be in your inbox, please do it because it would mean a lot to me

I hope you all have a fantastic day or night, and be prepaid for lots of blogposts these next two weeks. I love you all so much, you really do mean the world to me and I hope life is treating you well latly!
Until next time bye

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