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Saturday, 30 July 2016

book review- The Protected by Claire Zorn

hey chickens,
so a few weeks ago i read a book called The Protected by an author called Claire Zorn. now Claire Zorn is an Australian author and her books are also based in Australia, and this isnt sponsored but i quite love Claire Zorn's writing.

The Protected is a book about a girl (her name is Hannah) and her sister dies. through-out the book everything is explained. like how her sister died, their relationships with all the characters and this boy Josh. Hannah's family is broken, her mother is depressed and her dad is injured, she cant really talk to anyone about what has happened and her life is honestly a bit of a living hell.
this book was so realistic and was bloody amazing and because this happens to people and it made me think like Emma you are so damm lucky. also ii was kinda jelous of what Josh was willing to do for Hannah like um hello my crush, what are you playing at.
I will admit i think i cried for about half an hour right before the end of the book, it wasnt just about the book i was thinking like this happens people lose brothers, sister, mothers, fathers, friends, auntys, uncle and cousins but i was thinking if i lost anyone in my life i probably wouldn't cope with it.

So overall i give this book 5/5 it was so good i would so read it if i was you and also a book called The Sky So Heavy is just as amazing book, so go check these out and yeah
i love you all very much, your amazing, your endless support means so much to me i cant even describe and until next time bye, love ya

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  1. This sounds like such an interesting book! Thank you for recommending it xo