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Saturday, 23 July 2016

have you ever wondered..... The universe and space

hey chickens,
so im going to start this little series called have you ever wondered. basically its going to be a bunch of different topics about things that arent really explained and are just a little bit crazy, strange and a little bit scary. this blogposts topic is going to be about the universe and space because i spend hours trying to figure this out and my mind ends up in a tangle.

Now, a few years ago i had a teacher and he was saying something about the plants and space and that there is no wall saying it goes no further, it just goes on forever and never stops and we live in the universe that keeps on going. like most people think we live in this planet that is so big and so many places to go, but if you think of it like this, we are a small planet, called earth, there is so many other planets just in our solar system and just thinking about it now is strange.

Image result for solar system for kids
just looking at this picture is like, there has to be more planets out there, more people and to think that its so weird. also i think there are alien type things out there, maybe not green and with a big head but none the less alien type things and of-course their has to be more humanity out there because we cant just be the only human form and living life out here, its just so strange to think about.
i read this theory once that our life is really a reality t.v show for aliens, and that this earth is like keep up with the kardasians but yeah, little bit crazy to think about. but itsnot totally out of the question because if you have watch the Divergent series then you know what im talking about its just mind blowing.

So thanks for reading, i love you all very much and your all amazing and your support means the world to me and until next time bye, love ya.
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