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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Ramble Of July + semi important news

Hey chickens,
So each month im going to do a ramble post, basically just me going on and in about anything and everything. without further a do lets get started.

Now the weather this week has been absolutely horrible, like the rain is a bit like gah and being abused by hail isnt ideal but the wind oh my god, thats the ice breaker. like honestly the rain and hail are annoying but the wind is the one that gets me going, like the cold air going at higher speeds than the roads allowed, its ridiculous. this cold weather has been pretty shitty.

Ive been super into reading at the moment and its awesome cause i love reading (and im also racking up those reading stickers at school)but its low key taken over my life. like legit ill start reading at lets say 5:30 and ill read until 8:00. by 8 i might want to have a shower or snapchat my friends, so lets say 2 hours past, its 10 o clock and i have homework so im like oh my lord, what the hell am i going to do. then my life is like done, over, finished.

i actually though of this idea on Monday because i was like omg no i dont want to get out of bed and go to school so what i did was i put my pjs back on after my shower, then i hop in bed for like 5 or 10 minutes, chill on my phone, check snapchat and insagram and stuff then your day starts of pretty good, am i right?

this is a little bit sad, but im kinda obsessed with the longish and thick school socks from target. like i dont even use them for school but they are so comfy and i love them and they are so soft and because they are thick they protect your feet from winter. this isnt sponsed or anything im just lovin the socks.

So that was my little ramble for the Month of July, but lets be honest im probaly gonna do one of these like 5 times a month ;) now lets get to the semi important stuff shall we

I would just like you to tske a secind the undertsand that while im writing this blogpost, i have a sh*t tone of homework that is due tomorrow, i hope my pain that i will suffer tommorrow makes you happy. but all jokes aside i have so much homework due tomorrow......ekkk!
Now i have things amazing new logo thing that the wonderful @ughitsharri on instagram made me, its not actually on my laptop but if you follow me on twitter and instagram then you will see (instagram @em_blogs and twitter @emblogs0 ) hehehehheheheh, but its super cute and i love it to death!
now for my instagram, im going to completly ditch themes and just go with the flow. ill have quotes, and hot celebrites and cute puns and real life photos just anything really, so yeah and i will be posting just a little bit less i think :)

so thanks for reading, im off to do homework and i love you all very much, you mean soooooooo much to me and until next time byye, love ya'll (still wish i was southern)

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