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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Rant- the cold

Hey chickens,  
Now in this blog im going to be ranting about the cold; this should be funny for you.

Like now why do you have to be here? like ill want to be nice and warm and comfy watching a movie and bed, then i might be thirsty, i get out of bed and coldness, coldness hit me, im freezing so like why. your too cold. like your even to cold for polar bears and penguins.

like even retail shops are getting annoyed with you, electric blankets to keep you warm FROM THE COLD, warm blankets, warm clothing just everything warm to protect humanity from you, THE COLD.

Why do you have to be so damm annoying, ill have to put my heater on 5,000 times you can turn it up to because you make everyone so cold. they just please spare everyone and stop being so cold!

(if you didnt relise this is a joke because i really feel the cold)
Thanks for reading, i hope this make you laugh a little bit- if you did (i hope my pain made you happy) (that was also sarcasim), i have you all so much, you mean the world to me and until next time bye.


  1. Ahhaha I know right, I hate winter so much. Your blog is so nice. If you'd like to come check out my blog that would be so awesome. X :))

    1. hey, i checked out your blog and it is awesome i love it! if you want to follow me on instagram its em_blogs and we can dm and stuff

    2. Thanks. And I'm already following you on Instagram ahaha. :))