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Thursday, 7 July 2016


hey chickens,
So guess what......To this day last year, ITS MY 1 YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY!!!!!
Like in this year so much has happened and i can hand it all to you guys.
So thank-you for all the support this past year it has been amazing and gone so quick. ive made so many internet friends and talked to so many nice people.
Now this is going to be a really special post, and go through my whole journey of blogging this past year.

Now on the 7th of July 2015 i got my personal g-mail account, so then it struck up the question, can i start a youtube channel. so i ask my mum, can i start a youtube channel and of-course she said no. so then later on that night i was looking at Zoellas blog and i saw a link thing for start your own blog, and i was like omg yess i can start a blog. so this is actually quit cute but i made up a whole speech for my mum about can i start a blog and what saftey things i will do. so she said yes and it was the establishment of Em blogs; in case you didnt want to try and find my first post ive got it for you here.
Yep, i know, dont even get me started.
i started making blogs just for myself, my own little space then i got 18 views and i thought the world was my oyseter. i was on top of the world and so happy. so then i kept making blogs, i got around 100 views and was so happy. then around october last year i got instagram and i had about 30 odd followers. then i got around 50 followers and i was amazed. then i got around 300 views and i was i just cant even describe, like that was around the same amount of people at my primary school. and everything was just me in my little blogging world.
so around in November a great internet friend of mine Vanilla Highlights ( Mel) got in contact with me and gave me an introduction to the blogging world. so thank-you Mel.
Then late november it was my birthday and my friends started asking if i was Em blogs, of-course i said no.
Then december they kept asking me and they kept getting the same answer. i was in contact with about 5 bloggers now, time for a tea party, edies wall, vanilla highlights blog, bobble gary blog and amesyst blog. so go follow all of thoose girls they are so amazing and so nice!
i had gained around 400 followers and got hacked :( so i made a new account and the support was amazing and i slowly gained back the followers plus more!
the views on my blog and the insta followers, i was just so over-wealmed. then i did do blogmas through-out december and yeah. so on christmas night i got 800 views and i was so happy. then december was going quick, blogposts where coming quickly, followers where coming thick and fast and views were from far and wide. it was approching new years eve, and i hit 1000 views and i ha about 500 followers, i was like so bloody happy.
through-out the summer holidays, blogposts where coming in and out and everything was great.
i think i started doing collabs during that summer holidays and slowly i was talking to more and more bloggers.
So i started doing youtube and was neglecting my poor blog, then i gave up on youtube and my full attention was back on my blog.
Then in around march, i got in contact with Rimmel London, and so now im on their blogger data base thing, im not the best with all the technology stuff.
Then the months in this year has kept going and yeah.
so a couple of weeks ago i got 2000 views on my blog, and now i have 2230 views. then last thursday i got 1000 followers on my blog,now i have 1055 followers.

Now thank-you all so much for all this unconditional love, this past year ive met so many wonderful people, and now blogging is just part of my day to day life. i never started blogging for the views or to get 5 seconds of fame, i truly do it just for me, because i think i was just a little bit lost honestly. you guys have changed me world ( i mean it) its just so amazing and i really cant belive it.
This post probaly isnt to interesting to you guys, but ive done it anyway.
i have no plans to stop blogging, and i hope to keep blogging forever.

If your not a blogger and reading this, i would get into the blogging world because its nothing but positive energy, as far as i know its not like youtube with hateful comments, ive had noting but positive everything. and if your new to the blogging world, hit me up on dm because ill be in no position to not have a conversation and/or be internet friends.

so thanks for reading this post (if you got through it), this post has been three days in the making, so i hoped you liked it. im so thankful for all your support and love, it and you means everything to me. so until next time bye, love you so much!

instagram- @em_blogs
twitter- @emblogs1
if you guys or any companys want me to test out their products, e-mail me

Bye everyone- ps, the date i started blogging is the 7 of July 2015

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