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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Rimmel London Product Review- Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine

Hey chickens,
So on Monday Rimmel London sent me they new Moisture sheer & shine lipsticks so  these past three days ive been testing an trying out Rimmels new sheer and shine lipsticks.
Ive gather up my reviews that i have been taking note of and time to share it with the world.

The lipsticks have a very light feel on the lips and you only have to put maybe one or two layers of it on (without touch ups) to get the full looking colour witch is so helpful. When you get the lipsticks i do suggest trying them out on your hand because some of them can be a bit misleading; the colour of the lipstick looks brighter in the capsule than on your lips.

At the moment with the cold weather ive had chap lips, so i found that wearing the lipstick didnt make or it worse, it actually helped my lips. i was lucky enough to receive all of the lipsticks with the pink lid and i love the range of colour. i personally like to have a range of light colours and nudes and bright lip sticks and this lipstick collection ranges for every persons lipstick wants. its a bit strange but sometimes i smell lipsticks (yes, im strange) but these lipsticks have a strange type of scent.
( i will do a seperate review for each of the lipsticks)

100, woke up like this- The pigmentation of this lipstick looks like a light blush colour, but when it is on your lips it is like a nude pink. its a nice subtle look.
200, glow rious pink- the pigmentation of this lipsticks looks like a medium to dark pink, also like a raw pink. when its on your lips its a bit darker than what is shown in the lipstick case thing.
300, pink rules- the pigmentation of this lipstick looks like a bold red colour but when it is on the lips its like a dark pink, very similer to a red.
500, red-y set go!- there is no lying with the pigmentation of this lipstick. in the lipstick case its bright red, on your lips its bright red. very bold and brave colour.
600, spin all spring the pigmentation in this lipstick looks and is quite similar to 200. this lipstick looks practically the same in the case and on the skin. the only difference between 200 and 600 is 600 has a pink and orange look with it.
700, better and brighter- now the pigmentation and what it actual looks like is the same. 700 is a brownish nude colour with a hint of pink in there. this colour has no two faces and is a colour that everyone can pull off.

        Left to Right (both arms)
     700, 600, 500, 300, 200, 100
Flash                                No Flash

Flash                               No Flash     Left to Right (both pictures)
  100, 200, 300, 500, 600, 700

Thank-you Rimmel London for sending me your new lipstick line, they will go to great use!
Now, thank-you for the support and love, its so amazing.i love you all around the universe and back and until next time bye

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