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Sunday, 10 July 2016

school tomorrow

hey chickens,
so i have the start of term 3 tomorrow (basically school) and im in no way shape or form ready or prepaid.
I'm just a bit worried about friendships and classes and everything basically. im just not prepaid. like my friends i feel like treat me like im just their, they are always crossing the line but i feel like i cant do anything.
PS- this is going to be a bit of a rant and emotion post so if you dont want to keep reading i understand, i just need to get this out.

So basically one of my friends is annoyed at me and i honestly dont know what ive done. i told one of my friends the truth about my crush then her like best friend asked and i lied to her so im prayer so hard that, that whole situation works out. then their is my crush, who im so hoping just i dont even know. then i really hope the friend that i told the truth about my crush doesnt tell anyone. and im just so confused about tomorrow and i dont even really want to go (but i have too) but there is no point in running from your problems, just face them head on. so this week i might not be emotional ok. like im so confused and i dont know what to do and how to handle things. im trying not to lose help, but sometimes things go not they way you wanted them. i just really hoping, god and Jesus and the angels are on my siding and wanting to help me.

so i love you all very much, you all mean the world to me and until net time bye, love ya xoxoxoxox

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