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Saturday, 9 July 2016

The best feeling in the world

hey chickens,
now i actually have two of these personal but of-course everyone is different.
Comment down below what your best feelings in the world are.
Lets jump right in

The first best feeling in the world-
Wearing my marvel tracksuit bottoms, with on oversized flannie, then having a made bed with freshly washed sheets. Then having my red love-heart fairy lights on and cuddling up too a really big wolf teddy bear that i have.

The second best feeling in the world-
Now this one is a little vague but just knowing that you have helped someone. like just in anyway shape or form, i feel really good when ive helped someone, i dont know but its some really nice feeling i get inside.

So this is a short post, but i thought short and sweet would be nice. i have a few more feelings in the world that i love but these are probably my two favourites. now i know everyones favourite feelings in the world will be different so comment down below and i might do a post on you guys favouirte things in the world.
So thanks for reading, i love you so awfully much, you all mean the world to be and until next time bye, love you

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