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Saturday, 30 July 2016

UPDATE- My Crush

hey chickens,
so i havent done a blogpost on my crush since like the 16 of June so i thought i would keep you guys posted even though your proably not at all interested and your just like omg emma just shut up its just a stupid crush you'll get over it in a month, i understand what you mean. but lets get into it.

now im like 100% positive that he doesnt like me. but im 100% sure i like him and yeah not the best mix. its a love like it hurts, it hurts to love him if you know what i mean. ive told one of my friends that i like him and i thought she was going to like full on over react but she didnt and said we would be cute together. ive just faced one problem if we did date, im taller than him and not ust like a little bit maybe about 4-5cm taller than him so thats a bit of a problem, but ill probaly never date him so it will be fine. this is only like the 5th guy ive liked (that isnt a celebrity) and i know this is really bad but ive low key planned out what i would say if he asked me out, i know im savage, im sorry. but this was just an update, you proably dont even care but i just like etting it out so its not bottled up inside of me

So  love you all so very much, you mean the world to me, your amazing, your endless support means the world to me and until next time bye, love ya

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