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Sunday, 17 July 2016

What i want to do with my life

hey chickens,
so i was thinking about a blogpost idea and this hit me, what i actually want to do with my life because on the radio the other day they where saying about how the lifestyle of getting maried and having kids then you will be happy and it got me thinking so without futher a do lets get started,

now i do want kids and two of them because i wouldn't want one because most only children i know are so annoying (no offence if your an only child, your probaly really nice and not annoying!) and three or more would be too much to handle so two would be plenty for me. then i would like to get married but only if i find the right guy, because i dont wont to marry any old joe then regret it and have to get into all divorce systems which can get messy, so i would only get married if i found the right go for me. for my job i would love to be a lawyer (but relisticly it wouldnt happen) or a politician. i would like to be living in an apartment in Melbourne, but none the less living in melbourne.

So that is what i want to do with my life when im an adult and of-course i will still want to be blogging, like duh.
so thanks for reading, i love you very much, you mean the world to me, your all amazing and until next time bye, love ya

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