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Monday, 11 July 2016

Why i actually wear makeup

hey chickens,
now a lot of girls wear makeup and for different reasons, so i just thought id share why i wear makeup with you all.

now some girls wear makeup to cover up what they actually look like but i wear it to feel beautiful and like their is all that inner beauty stuff and everyone is beautiful just they way they are but i like to also wear makeup for the fun of it, like just something fun, you know what i mean.

i also like makeup because i like creating different looks, like with different products, different foundations, different mascaras, different eye shadows and just for if we are going out for tea, ill yeah you know what i mean.

i also like working on my technique, like i can always keep improving. i like working on my smokey eye, and working on getting my lipstick even and making sure my foundation is evenly spread out.
Just like you can keep working on your makeup skills no matter what because its a thing that it would take you a lifetime to get perfect.

i love the visual look of makeup on the face. thats another reason why i wear because it looks really nice on the face, having the skin all even and good looking, its a nice thing to master and when you have mastered it you can do your makeup and everyone would just look because your makeup is just the bomb.

also having makeup on your skin covering up the blackheads and pimples is nice because i dont have a perfect face (not many people in their teen years do!) so wearing makeup creates that illusion that  have perfect skin

just a little extra thing i hate the saying, she has a cake face, because frankly cake faces look really good. and dont offend cakes and dont offend the people who like the supposed cake faces and i quite like cake faces.

so thanks for reading, i love you all so much, you mean the whole world to me and until next time bye, love yous

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