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Saturday, 16 July 2016

why i love what shops are doing now.....

hey chickens,
so by the title of this blogpost your probaly like what, emma has offically lost it but i havent and when ive explained it, it will make more sence.

so recently i went clothes shopping for winter and i was quite excited.So i got a few clothes from Factorie and Supre. now usally i have to get my clothes from Target and Kmart because im not skinny. well i went into those two shops and i fit into their clothes.

so that was a little starter for my blogpost point.

what shops are doing are opening their ranges of clothes to bigger sizes instead of having spercific plus size ranges. i think its really good because when your not skinny, having to get clothes from plus size sections are sometimes a bit downgrading and so when you can get the same clothes, in the same section bu with the correct size, it feels good. also because some of my friends have these brands of clothing and now that they do bigger sizes i can also wear them and feel comfortable.

Im just like so happy that shops are doing this because when your bigger you also want to beable to wear nice clothes that skinny people get to wear, and when you can walk into a shop and not feel embarrased because you know that the clothes wont fit you. its just really nice
(this just sparked another idea in my head for another blogpost)

so thanks for reading, i love you all so very much, your amazing, your support means the world to me and until next time bye, love you

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