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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Blogging Olympics

Hey chickens,
so around last week the wonderful livs finding blog tagged me in the Blogging Olympics, now I understand that the Olympics are practically over and i wont be tagging any other bloggers because of that reason but this sounds fun so im going to do it also if you are a blogger and want to do this go ahead ill put of the questions and stuff below.
go check out livs finding posts-

Team? Australia 
If i could compete in any event what would it be? Probably archery because it looks fun and i like it 
Favourite event to watch? to be honest im not all that fussed about watching the Olympics but the swimming is pretty good i watched the archery and some of the gymnastics and basketball but i also like the opening and ending ceremony.
 Olympian you most admire? i only know one Olympian and that is Usain Bolt but i dont really admire any of them
What sports do you currently play? phff sports are you joking, but nah ive only ever played a few sports in my life and i havent stuck it out for the whole season you could say so no i dont
Summer or winter Olympics? well again sports arent my cup of tea but i think i perfer the winter Olympics but the summer ones are awesome too.
Ever been to the Olympics in person? No i have not, i am only 12
A sport that should be in the Olympics? omg, blogging should be holy llama ive come up with something revolutionary. bloggers could enter than they have different topics and you have to right a post in like two hours and they have things that you can do diys with, guys send this to the Olympic people, blogging is going to be an Olympic sport in 4 years at Tokyo.
What do you think would be going through your head right before you were about to compete in the Olympics? honestly im so not athletic so i wouldnt be competing in the Olympics but if i was i would be so nervous and i would have to much anxiety and worry but it would be nerves and stuff.

So now those where all the questions and i hope you enjoyed, if you wish to do this tag just use the picture up-above and answer the questions (which are in red) : )
I love you all so much, you mean the world to me, your all amazing and until next time bye, love ya 

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