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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

have you ever wondered?.......déjà vu or getting the chills

hey chickens,
so today im bringing back have you ever wondered now if you dont know what that world says up there (déjà vu) its when you have felt like you have been in that situation before but like that exact thing, with the same conversation and the same people and i have experienced this before and its a little overwhelming and weird. and also getting the chills but ill explain that more later.

Now their is so many conspiracy theories around déjà vu and this is probably one my my favourites.
So the theory starts that time travels starts and someone had travel in time and messed something up so we had to re-live but not everyone remembers it. now i think everyone has experienced déjà vu at least once in their life. the other it happened to me and i was like oh my god, like what. i was with my friend at school and it was just us two and we were talking and at the moment in time i didnt just feel like it, it was like i knew i had been in that exact spot with the same person having the same conversation and it was so weird it wasnt i feel like ive been here before it was a feeling that i knew i had been in that same situation before. also déjà vu isnt when someone will ask you for something then three days later they ask you again with the same words, its just everything was the same in the moment in time and you know when you get that feeling because you know somewhere that you have already lived that moment before.

Now lets get onto chills. basically chills are when you are doing everyday normal things and out of nowhere you get this chill through-out your body now the theory behind this is kinda weird. the theory is that in the future that someone is stepping on your grave; so you get the chills.

thank you all so much for reading, your all amazing i love you all so much  and you mean the absolutely world to me. i hope you enjoyed and until net time bye, love you

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