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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Q&A with create yourself blog

hey chickens,
so today im going to be doing a Q&A with the wonderful create yourself blog. i know like last week i did a collab  i have 2 more that im doing too, so bare with me.
Now there are 20 questions from her awesome followers on instagram and i will be answering them and go over to her blog to find out her answer.

1- What is your favourite t.v show?
Totally The Walking Dead of-course
2- what is your favourite ice-cream flavour?
 definitely Strawberries or cookies and cream
3- what is your favourite desert?
Probably have to be sticky date pudding
4- Who is your inspiration?
i dont really have someone that is my inspiration, but people that have shit lives and still live it through everyday are amazing, everyone is amazing
5- what do you want to achieve with your blog?
Look honestly everything that has happen to this blog is amazing, i dont want to achieve things because this is all ready so amazing i cant really believe it some days, all i want to achieve
ive is just to keep doing what im doing.
6- what is your favourite activity to do in your spare time?
i love reading and no questions asked definitely blogging and talking to friends
7- what is your favourite animal?
hitting me with a hard one here, honestly i dont know all animals are cute, dont make me decided
8- what is your favourite food?
this will come as a surprise but eggs all the way
9- what country would you like to visit and why?
i dont know if Europe is a country but Europe and America because they look cool and fun
10- what is your dream job?
i would love to be a lawyer or a photographer and a politican
11- what is your reason for starting blogging
tbh i actually dont know, like when i started i dont remember having a reason for starting blogging, i think it was just for myself
12- who are your favourite bloggers?
like every blogger, i love like everyones blogs their amazing, i legit just have a folder on google chrome for blogs
13- What is your best piece of LIFE advice?
im only 12, so im not very experienced but life advice would probably be just dont worry about everyone elses feelings because in the long run you could be falling apart but all your friends are great and happy. i cant find the picture but theres this picture on instagram where there are like two cartoon humans and one has so many squares missing out of there body, and the other one only has one and the person with lots pf squares missing is giving the one with heaps so they are complete.
14- name 3 things you would like to change about society/ the world?
the homeless being treated properly and getting food and water and places to stay, police brutality but i wont go into that, being able to say the truth or anything without someone getting offended, now im not talking able discrimination and racism im talking about if you say you dont like that song and then its your friends favourite movie and they get upset. and the rich always getting free stuff and they poor having to pay, i mean i might do a seperate blogpost about that. sorry that was four, rule breaker over here.
15- what is the one thing your most passinate about?
deffinitly the homeless
16- who is your celebrity crush?
do you want to be sitting here for 5 years? nah but i have like a lot of celeb crushes maybe too many, i have a problem
17- who is your favourite youtuber
ummm Exploring With Josh, he is amazing
18- what celebrity would you travel the world with?
Katy Perry or Justin Bieber
19- What is your favourite song?
to be honest i dont know, it changes all the time
20- what celeb would you want to swap closits with?
Selena Gomez all the way, but i dont think she would like my clothes because i have a lot of black white and grey
21- whats your least favouroite lollie?
milk bottles, ewwww

ok so those where all the question i hoped you enjoyed and learnt something new about me. now remeber to go check out create yourselfs blogs answer-
Thanks for reading your support means the world to me, i love you all so very much and until next time bye, love you

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