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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Winter fashion- collab with Blue and Silver blog

hey chickens,
so today im going to be collabing with the one and only Blue and Silver blog. i am going to be doing kinda winter fashion things and i believe Amy is doing winter face care, something like that but lets get started and remember to go check out Amy's blog.

so facing the coldness of winter and still trying to look socially acceptable is a bit hard because i know at some point everyone has thought of just wearing their pjs (at least i have smh) and this is where i come in because ive come up with different ways to stay warm and still look cute in winter.
now i know this is kinda obvious but layering up is like key, like you can wear a tee-shirt then like some small jumper thing like a farmers shirt then a jumper over the top and you have some cute outfit. you could wear stockings under a dress or skirt but i personally dont like stockings. you can wear long sleeve tee-shirts under tee-shirts like thats only to name a few.
this is probaly something you have never thought of but thick socks work wonders like the difference between normal socks and thick socks is like life changing. also if you have tiles in your house you cant feel the coldness of the tiles with thick socks and just thick socks make life better.
scarves and beanies make like make mega differences. beanies can keep your head warm plus cover your hair i your having a bad hair day and scarves just look good and keep you warm. also depending on how thick your scarves is it can cover bad make up lines if your horribly at make up like me.
i would suggest gloves but you cant really do anything with them on because the material they are made out of (im pretty sure its wool) just makes everything like a mission and legit you wont be able to do anything.

Now ive covered what thigs you can do to stay warm into winter but im going to share my very pathetic and lame go to out-fit for winter. i would probably wear my marvel trackies from kmart, a farmers shirt, of-course thick socks and my blue ugg boats.

Thank you all so much for reading, your all amazing, your support means the world to me. if your coming from blue and silver blog, hello my name is Emma. i love you all very much and until next time bye, love ya.
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