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Thursday, 25 August 2016

You are bloody worth it

hey chickens,
so this morning i legit wrote a whole essay on instagram about how im sorry and your all amazing and worth it and so helpful.
So i decided why not explain everything in a blogpost so time to let everything go and just make some things clear.

So first of all im actually really sorry i haven't been posting much lately, ive been all over the place and i needed to get back on track (which i still am) but im getting closer and yeah. also my anxiety has been quite high and everything at school is just shit. i have so much homework its ridiculous and im very stressed about that. my crush is a bit of a mess, it went from just one person knowing to two now five people know and im positive one of them is going to tell him or one of his friends. i have a friends birthday party on the weekend and im so anxious about that and im worried that the are going to find out about him too. just one more thing at the moment my friends are taking advantage of me, now they arent using me they are using me (as much as they can) to help them but according to them im still their friend. but honestly that is enough about me, i want to talk about you guys!

Now you are honestly worth it. you might be going through a rough patch and think i dont make a difference in anyones life, well you sure damm do! your parents, siblings, pets, friends, anyone that is in your life will be effected in one way or another if you weren't there. today my friend said something to me that hit home quite hard (ill do the conversation down below)
friend: whats wrong emma?
me: nothing, im fine
friend: i know something is wrong, just tell me
me: nah its fine i dont wont to talk about it
Friend: emma tell me, im like your bestie
me: nah, your besties with blank
friend: no, emma tell me you are like my bestfriend, at least tell me if its home or school
me: im just like all over the place, dont worry
Friend: no emma i do worry, i worry a lot when your like this (ps- ive only know her this year)
now the conversation went on for a while but thats what hit me, i do worry, i worry a lot because i never relised that she actually cared and my point is someone will always care, if you know or not. i do find i quite hard to open up to people, so if you ever need anything even to just get some stuff of your chest, dm me or email me because i want to help you guys, i will be that person that will give a shit. and its normal to feel low and ive only just relised that. but you are worth it, you are amazing and you have so much to live for!

Now i hope you enjoyed, if you want to dm me or email me my instagram em_blogs and email is im also free to talk and if you need advice. thanks for reading you all mean so much to me and  i hope you all had a great day and are having a great night, also i love you and your worth so much and mean so much until next time by my loves

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