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Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Hey chickens,
So I am very aware I haven't been as much as I would like to at the moment, but this week is the last week of term three and I thought i'll just keep it cool and I actually wasn't going to do a blog post until the weekend, but today I was sick so I had the day off school and this came up and I thought it would be a perfect blog post idea because (I'm guessing) many people can relate.

Also just quickly, usually there is always one person that gets left out in the group, not that I'm saying feel sorry for me but I am that person.

Just a little back story before this so it is easier to see where I''m coming at and why I'm a tad upset and annoyed. So in these past three terms so much friendship things has happen, these friends have all been together as a group then broke apart then come together into small little groups now it's all over the place you don't really know where everyone is at. Also there have been a few times where I have been the black sheep if you get what I mean.

Now I found out that one of my friends had asked every single one of our friends for a social media account username, that she had just got so she could add everyone. Also this was a group chat on Instagram and she had added people that my friend wasn't even friends with or in are class (now i was quite close to this friend too) and one of my friends had been nice enough to inform me of this.
Now this doesn't seem like a big deal but I'm coming from like I thought we were close and I was just thinking like what???

Now the point of the post is that friends are meant to be fun and tell them stuff. I'm not going to say the classic things like that the negativity out of life, get rid of toxic people and things like that because realistically it's not easy to take people out of your life and sometimes it's better not to take people out of your life because it becomes awkward and just not fun and becomes harder.
My advice if your going through this situation is that don't act really strange around them because people will know something's up then you might make it worst. Just let it play out, it might be more than what they eye see's and don't ask about to them or anyone else. If you are in this situation just take this as a learning curve and let it play out.

So thank-you all for reading this, it means a lot to me and your support also means so bloody much to me. Again sorry for the lack in posts at the moment, I have been planning a big and long post about something that I am very passionate about, I love you all so much and until next time bye.

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