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Thursday, 22 September 2016

If you want to become a blogger.....

Hey guys,
So I have been thinking if i wanted to start a new youtube channel and then i came to a conclusion of i really dont because i love blogging its so easy to get inspiration and the blogging community is so nice, i just want to put all my eggs in the blogging basket. now if you are reading this blog and want to become a blogger but don't think it will be successful or if you have just started blogging and aren't very passionate about it, then this is what this post is going to help you with.

Now, if your in the situation of wanting to start blogging but something is stopping you, dont let it stop you. if your worried people wont like what you have to say dont worry about it. i have no proper theme i base my blog around and people read what i have to say. if your worried that you wont succeed, i really do think you will. when i started blogging i would say it doesnt matter if nobody reads my blog, im just doing it for me and a year and a half later, people do read it. if your worried about your identity just be anonymous, like me. i havent showed my face or shared information about me that is more personally revealing, i share my birthday, name and that i live in Melbourne and you can still create a connection, without having to share every detail. and last but not least if your worried about hate, dont be! i havent had any hate comments or messages, and im pretty sure majority of the blogging community dont get hate comments. blogging isnt like youtube, because on youtube you get hated on a lot blogging is a lot more chilled.

Now if you are a beginner blogger and thinking about not continuing with it, please do let it play out! if the things you wanted to happen aren't happening yet, let it play out because it is not going to happen over night. the trick to get more people reading your blog is social media. personally i have Instagram and twitter, between those two platforms so many people have found my blog. talk to other bloggers, dm or email me i love talking to people. also ask bloggers to do collabs, because you get opened up to the blogging community, which is like the ultimate place to begin having an online reputation. and i might not work out for everyone, personally i have 1 follower, the average for people looking at my blogposts are 10 and i have 2836 pageviews, its ok it doesnt work out for everyone.
Can i also say im so grateful for my 1 follower, 10 people who read my posts and 2836 people have have look at my blog because that is insane.

So thank you all so very much for reading. i love you all so much, your amazing, your support means the world to me and until next time bye


  1. Haha I am that 1 follower, and definitely part of those 10. I love your blog and it would mean a lot if you could check out my blog too:) I love this post as well, so true, even though I've been blogging for 3 years almost haha:P


    1. haha, so true i was going to give you a shoutout but i couldnt remember what the username was sorry, and thankyou i just read a few of your posts and i love them and i subscibe or something like that too- at least i think i did im not to good at tech stuff xxx :)