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Sunday, 25 September 2016


hey chickens,
so i know this is a bit of a cop out but i just though i haven't done a Q&A post in a while so why not answer some questions. remember to follow everyone listed below on Instagram. lets get started.

Where is your dream travel destination? Probaly America, like New York, L.A, San Francisco, Vegas, Texas. i would like to travel around America. and i would love to go to Byron bay and Europe and Croatia
Whats your favourite colour? Blues/aquas/teals and purple (even though you asked for i colour i gave you 4)
Whats your favourite shop? see now i cant narrow it down to one because i like target and typo and kmart and supre and factoie so all of those shops
Whats your dream job? lawyer definitely, but it would be a dream because i cant get the marks to be a lawyer
What are some of the things you are loving at the moment? Reading, blogging and the walking dead- i almost just sumed up my life
5 things i cant live without? ummm, my phone, my phone charger, my bed, clothes and money not let my just explain myself here, i couldnt live without money because money is what buys food which keeps people alive you get where im coming at.

If you had three wishes what would you wish for? honestly i dont know what to wish for, maybe books. i dont mean to disapoint but wait i know what i would wish for, i would wish for homelessness to not exist, i would wish for a world where people aren't judge- religon, culture, skin colour, weight like it shouldn't matter and then i would also wish for books

if you had many superpower, what would you have and why? proably reading peoples minds like i know the bad side of it but i reckon it would be good, because the cant play mind games like saying everythings good but it isn't, sorry im evil :)

your favourite 3 holiday destinations? i dont go on holidays but i did go to the gold coast in 2012 and that was fun

You are given 1000 pounds (ill just change it to 1000 australian dollars) but you can only spend it on stuff starting with the first letter of your name. what would you buy? now my name is Emma so it would be things starting with E. i would buy eggs, an eagle, an elephant but they cost to much i look t up so not an elephant, i could buy ears, i could buy multiple eagles. yeah i have no idea.

What object truly defines how you act? this will make no sence if you dont live in Australia but at the MCG (Melbourne cricket ground) the chairs flip up when you stand up, i would proably be the chair because at times i can be a total bitch, so yeah a chair.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? maybe living in an apartment i could have a boyfriend definitely have pets, dog and a cat and fish maybe birds with a job in retail. or i could be at university but anything can happen in 10 years time cause ill be 22/23 and yeah

if you had to live in one country for the rest of your life, where would it be? im going to say i would beable to travel just quickly. i already live in Australia but i would proably keep living here, even though shipping from other countrys can rack up to around 200 bucks for two products but i think i would still live in Australia but i would love to travel to

Thank you all so much for the question- they really got me thinking and remember to go follow all of these people on instagram. i love you all so much, your amazing and your support means the world to me so until next time bye


  1. Haha, it must've been hard to find things you want to buy wth your first letter of your name. Loved reading all your answers xx

  2. Loved this post!

    Nira xx |