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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Royal Melbourne Show 2016!

Hey guys,
Now its this time of the year again... show time!
If you don't live in Melbourne or Victoria, the Royal Melbourne Show has like show bags, rides, games, little stalls where you can buy things, animals, yummy food and live entertainment throughout the day. Don't hold me to this but i think every state in Australia has a show, and basically they have all the things i listed above but it would be the Royal Perth Show, you get what i mean. so i went yesterday (which was Monday) and i thought i would share what i got up too yesterday and by the way im not bragging in anyway and im not trying brag but i mostly do these for memories to look back on in the future.
Also just quickly are locker number was 49

So lets start will show bags
First of all i got a Chupa Chups show bag
As you can see it has Chupa Chups and part of the reason why i got it because it came with a blow up Chupa Chup hammer thing, yes i know im pathetic.

Then i got a flake one. it just came with your standard flake choclates and dairy milks.

And last but not least i got a furry friends show bag. it just came with a packet of furry friends, freddo frogs and dairy milks.

Now time for all the extra things from like the shops around the Melbourne show

Now yes im basically a teenager, dont judge me for buying a teddy. nah the reason why i brought it was because those where what the care bears look like when i was younger and i cant get the old care bears anymore so that is why i got it, i can still feel the judgement, lol
 The story behind this is that the Sugar Station (which is the lolly company i got these from) is that the have a store at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, and its a special treat to get them when we go to Flinders Street so when i saw them at the show i had to get some. they have like walls around a metre high filled with lollies then you get a bag and scoop then choose your lollies and they weigh it and then you pay, depending on how many lollies and chocolates you get is how much you pay and their lollies and chocolates are so delicious. those are the ones i got, minus a few

Then their is this shop that sells lollies and lolly pops and stuff and they are so nice i just had to get some raspberry drops. i couldn't help myself but lets be honest all the food at the Melbourne show is actually like delicious its so hard to say no to something, but honestly the food at the show is always great even if its chips or lollies or Thai food, like everything is nice.
Even if im (almost) 13, you cant go to the show without going on the clowns. so that is what i did. i had a go on the clowns and like always i was really shit at it and got a small plastic water pistol but its actually pretty good. like it doesn't have any cracks in it and the water goes a long way. so bonus for summer.
 Then i can't go to the show without getting a dream catcher. this one is so pretty and its in a heart. the guy i got this off his stall is across from the Ferris wheel and this isnt sponsed but his dream catchers are so pretty and good priced and he is really nice and friendly too. and i havent actually got a yellow dream catcher yet or one in the shape of a heart so that was a bonus. if your going to the show remember to check his stall and that wasnt sponsored either.
And last year i got henna done and i loved it so i got it done again this year. the design i got is actually so pretty in my opinion and i did have a bit of trouble with the henna drying and getting it on my purse but its all good and i love the outcome of it.

Now i took so many photos, some of them will be on my instagram, and i am going to share just four photos only four, but i have made this pretty long already, hehehehe
 Now if you guys didnt know, i just recently got into the Lord of the Rings and im absolutely in love with it. so when i saw this cake i was over the moon. by the way its a cake, they always have cakes and they get awards and stuff. i think this got first or second, cant remember but i lord of the rings is one of my favourite movie series so i got very excited when i saw this and it was actually an 18th birthday cake for a lord of the rings fan.
 Now i dont know if you guys play pokemon go, i did but i had to delete it because it was kinda taking over my life then i got it again, i actually quite like it ok. but for you fellow pokemon go fans here is the most well known pokemon, pikachu
and a picture of sheep because why not. sheep are cool. i like sheep. sheep are interesting. but nah i actually quite like sheep, their a cool animal so i decided to take about 50 pictures of sheep. this is only one of those pictures.

And this was cool... I SAW A ALPACA. basically if you guys dont know i really like alpacas and llamas. so when i saw alpacas i was like OMG, its an alpaca i need a picture. i know the picture isnt the best but its still a picture.

So thank you all so much for reading. i love you all so much, your amazing. and again im really not trying to brag, im really sorry if i was and this isnt sponsored. thanks for the support and until next time bye.
Also because it is the holidays i will be trying to get a blogpost up every night because i love blogging and the amount of blogposts i have put out the last couple of weeks isnt up to my expectation.


  1. The royal show for us is next week and I can't wait, but I can because I'm not sure if we're going.

    1. oh, i hope you get to go! if you do have fun xx