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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Time to catch up

hey chickens,
so i haven't really done a updated, one to one blogpost in a while so that is what i am going to be doing tonight, rambling on and discussing things.

Now i have been thinking about giving like my blog a little bit of a theme but not full restriction. because i like beauty and fashion as-well as spiritual stuff and life stuff cause i want to do some more fashion and beauty things, just an idea.

Also i have been thinking about starting a new youtube channel? like i know i have one now but i want a fresh start. do some beauty things, some vlogs, some spirtual videos, maybe some room things, just things like i like. so comment down below or get in contact with me your ideas and thoughts because i would quite like them.

Now all all this week i have no idea what the weather is playing at. like Monday it was cold, Tuesday was alright, Wednesday was really nice, Thursday was quite warm then bloody Friday its raining all day and today the weather cant decided whats it doing because one minute the sun comes out and the next its gone, like what.

Now last weekend i changed my room around (now i have some weird thing that i cant keep my room in one spot for ages) but this time im really loving how i have it and i feel more creative and im getting into a bit of a nightly routine, and im getting homework done earlier and watching movies so hopefully i will be getting blogposts up during te week from now on.

Have you ever thought about if you have a logical mind or a creative mind because i was discussing this with my friend the other day cause in art we were doing something and i had no idea what design i should do and then my friend said just be creative. now my friend has a creative mind and me on the other side has a logical mind. a creative mind is when you can think of everything and anything creatively while a logical mind is all logic like common sense and they are quite smart.

So thanks for reading, and sorry fir the lack of blogposts at the moment im working on it, i love you all so much, your all amazing, and thanks for the support and until next time bye my chickens


  1. Loved this post. What was your youtube channel?

    Nira xx |

    1. hey, thank-you, the youtube channels name was Em blogs xx