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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Words can't describe how thankful I am

 hey chickens,
So recently I was on Instagram (looking at people's stories) and I noticed some of them had like so close too 500 or thanks so much for 2k ilysm- so it made me think to look at how many followers I have- now just before I get into this post I'm not trying to brag I just want to tell you guys and tell you that I'm so happy and lucky. Let's get started

Now I have 1253 followers, like that's actually amazing that over a thousand people ground my Instagram page and followed it and that they like my pictures. Like it actually blows my mind sometimes being a blogger because some people genuinely want to read your posts and want you to post on Instagram. Now if your a blogger and with blogspot you know that it comes up will the page views (how many people have looked at your blogpost- you know what I mean and I have 2889, I actually can't get my head around that 2889 people have looked at my blogs, weather they liked them or not is a different story but this is quite unreal to me because I'm pretty sure that's over the amount of students at my school- I'll double check and that and tell you guys but yeah so insane but from the bottom of my heart thank-you, I will forever keep loving you and the endless support you give. Thank you for sticking around even, thank you for following me on Instagram, thank you all for anything and everything you have done, because it means so bloody much to much (I wanted to say the f word instead of bloody but I wasn't sure how old everyone reading is) and yes I will start to watch my language because I need to learn proper English before I can swear ( if you didn't know already I am the worst at spelling, like horribly and the only reason why most of the words are spelt correct in my blogpost is when I do them on my phone or iPad)

Now thank you all so very much for reading, I'd love to hear what you want to say so comment down below just anything and I love you all so much your support means the whole universe to me and until next time bye

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