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Saturday, 1 October 2016

October blogposts just got a bit better- #trickortreatwithemblogs Movies

Hey chickens,
so for the lack of blog post during August and September I've decided that I'm going to be doing a blog post every-day in October for Halloween. Now i know Halloween is a while away but why not get into the spirit early. All of these posts will be called #trickortreatwithemblogs and ill be doing D.I.Ys, decoration ideas, costume ideas and movies that are the Halloween spirit. Also I will be doing book reviews that don't have anything to do with Halloween.
So this isn't going to be the whole post, I'm going to tell you guys about a movie, it's called The nightmare before Christmas.

Now, this movie can be for both Christmas and Halloween but it's not Christmas just yet. The night before Christmas is about the different holidays in America- Valentines day, St. Patrick's day, Easter, Independence day, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. Jack Skellington (the main character) lives in Halloween town and he discovers Christmas town.
This movie is rated PG and was directed by Henry Selick

So thank you all so much for reading, your all amazing and your support means the world to me, until next time bye, love ya

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