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Thursday, 6 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs Book review- Letters from the inside John Marsden

Hey chickens,
so this isn't to do with halloween, but i finished reading this book a few days ago and honestly it is one of the best books ive ever read. Its written by one of my favourite authors John Marsden, he wrote the Tomorrow when the war began series which i also love (im up to the 3 book). And by the way this blogpost isnt sponsored or anything its just when i read a good book i want to share it with you guys!

So this book is written in like a letter style; basically the books layout is the letters between the 2 girls. and its kinda a short read- its 146 pages long. the books about the these two girls Tracey and Mandy and basically these girls have 2 very different lifestyles. but they both have secrets. you begin to learn more about the girls and their secrets. now Mandy has boy troubles (haha like me- lol) an older sister, a strange brother and not very attentive parents. Tracy has a fantastic boyfriend, nice house, lots of animals and supportive older brother and sister. everytime a letter is sent another letter is received and that means, another question another answer.

Now i love this book but if you have read it you would know it is hard to say and review the book.
Thank-you all so much for readin, i love you all so much and your amazing plus your support means the world to me and until tomorrow bye

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