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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs Coraline

hey chickens,
So you know how last night i was really excited about the walking dead season 7, well I'm not now, I'm actually quite sad and extremely pissed off about what Negan did. but I'm not going to say what happen just incase you haven't seen it but honestly you probably came across a spoiler but this post isn't about the walking dead its about Coraline. Now if you haven't heard of Coraline you must be living under a rock. I think it was originally a book then made into a movie but either way its equally as creepy.

Basically the story goes as a young girl (named Coraline) and her parents move her to a new house complex called the Pink Palace. Now as the story goes on Coraline finds a door in her apartment and discovers it only a brick wall behind it or is it....... Then after that the storyline gets so creepy. Basically i dont want to spoiler the story too much but through that door is the other world, and this other world has everything Coraline has ever dreamed of and she can have it all but there is a catch..... haha, you'll have to read it or watch it to find out the catch
Now i personal find the book more creepy but seeing on the screen as a movie is still quite scary.

Now thank-you all so much for reading, if you have watched twd season 7 episode 1, I understand what your going through but i love you all to the moon and back plus your support means the world to me and so does you as a person and you just clicking on this post. Remember you are all fantastically amazing but until tomorrow night, bye my loves
Also i want to quickly add on, i dont think of you guys as my viewers i think of you guys as my friends. i call you guys chickens because im always giving my friends names and you guys are my friend so im giving you a name.

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