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Thursday, 27 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs Crushes, Reading and the Mandala effect

hey chickens,
So since i started my 2016 Halloween series i havent really kept in touch with you guys and i want to keep you guys updated with my life because thats what my blog is  like. now there isnt really much else to say then lets get started.

So im currently sick, but ive actually been sick since about Tuesday last week. basically heres the story- last week on Monday we had needles and i always get sick after immunisations, so put the pieces together, thats why im sick. so ive just been trying to rest it up ok get well because lets be honest who actually likes being sick. like you might get one day off school or work but being sick is shit. Also can i just add how nice the weather has been in Melbourne today, like pure sunshine and nice degrees if that make sense but you know what i mean.

I have actually been a book worm at the moment like legit i just want to read. ive just been obsessed with reading, but the good thing is i take a while to read a book like i couldnt read the Hunger Games in 2 days- it took me like 6 months to read the Hunger Games. Now do you know when people say whos your favourite princess and people will be like oh Snow White because she had seven dwarfs (can i just quickly say, that movie was reliesed in like 1938, that was a bloody long time ago) but anyway i would chose Princess Leia because she is powerful, fearless and Luke skywalkers sister and Dark Vader's daughter. Also know i brought that up the Mandala effect is real like Dark Vader says to Luke, Luke I am your father but apparently he doesnt say that but its an iconic saying but dont even get my started on conspiracy theories because you will be here for hours reading them.

Crushes are just so questionable. like legit the meaning of a crush is someone liking someone else but most of the time the other person doesnt like them back. like if you have a crush, dont worry im in the same boat as you. now whenever people say, if you like someone tell me because life is to short not too.... Well, when your 12 (almost 13) you cant really do that. like you cant just go up to your crush and say, hey i like you bye. Now its exactly a month away to my birthday, so im super exited.

Now i actually want to bring this up and i know its a bit of a touchy subject but i want to go there and not just touch on it. Now, body shaming and bullying and just sizes- now this goes for both boys and girls because boys also have these expectations about having abs and all that. Now for both genders there are so many expectations about how your body should look. like heres something that i always question, if someone is not a skinny and a skinny person says why are they so fat or something, HOW DOES IT EFFECT YOU and this goes for people saying why are you so skinny. it shouldn't matter, it doesn't matter. this also goes for peoples facial features. who cares if someone has a pimple on their nose or doesnt have a definition in their jaw line. Now not to long ago Supre (the clothing shop_ was doing campaigns about body positive and stuff but its ironic that they dont go past a size 16 in shorts and jeans and their tops aren't very all body type friendly. like i fit into some of their tops but i dont fit into a size 16 in jeans or their denim shorts. look im not trying to call Supre out because legit like this weekend im going to supre to buy some clothes and i love thier clothes i was just using it as an example. also with guys having that expectation of abs and muscle- im not a guy so im just guessing but their is probably like a thousand others. Now for people sizes, skinny or bigger, you dont know if they have a medical condition or maybe some people just like cake. i like cake, who does doesnt like cake? and that is ok, maybe you dont want cake and that is ok too. but over-all, i will love you no matter what you look like and i dont care what you look like because it doesnt matter

Now thank-you all so much for reading. i love you no matter what size and you are beautiful and so is your body. but im having a total mental blank about how i do my outro so im just going to say until tomorrow night, bye
Love you all

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