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Sunday, 2 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs Daylight savings has started and other things

hey chickens,
so this isnt a Halloween blogpost but ive decided that im not going to do just Halloween themed post because i will find it hard but im assuring you that i have really good Halloween posts planned.
So lets get started

Now as you may be aware daylight savings has started. Its actually a tad annoying because its 7:30pm right now but it should be 6:30pm (i think) but it really puts me off for example today i thought it was 5 o clock and i was like yes im going to get a blogpost up early it turned out it was 6 o clock and i was like omg where did that time go. So its going to take me a while to get used of it but at least i have more daylight in the evening because when i got home from school it would be a rush to go out on the trampoline or take the dog for a walk but now i have a few more hours a daylight to do that because i like doing my homework when i get home from school because im still kinda in the working mood but by 6 i dont feel like writing an essay.
Also what is this sudden massive down pore of rain. like where i live about an hour ago it started pouring down rain and it hasnt stopped and today was a really nice day

so tonight is a sunday night which also happens to be the last night of the holidays and that means tomorrow is the first day of term 4. im not to fussed about school like im not yay i want to go back to school but then im not the person to go on about it forever- if you did offer me 1 more week of holidays i wouldnt turn it down. but i have everything all organised but for some reason i have this tad uneasy im feeling, like i dont know what it is but i might soon find out

So thank you all for reading, your all amazing and i love you to the moon and back plus your support means the world to me and until next time bye :)
P.S- if your going back to school tomorrow have fun!
P.S.S- If your AFL footy team is the Western bulldogs congratulations and if your go for sydney swans, sorry maybe next year and if your go for hawthorn im sorry but no-one wanted you to get into the grand final and if you go for collingwood (like me) your thinking why havent we won a grand final in 6 years, hopefully next year
Love you all so much byyyye

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