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Thursday, 20 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs D.I.Y halloween costumes with what you have at home- take 2

hey chickens,
Now, you may have noticed that i have posted this same blogpost before, and yes i have. the first time i uploaded this post it only got 9 views and yes i was super happy about those 9 views but i worked really hard on this and i wanted it to get more- im sorry if that came of in a kinda selfish way but i hope you get where im coming from, now lets get started

Costume 1- Divergent, Tris prior
Now i didnt have anything for the tattoo Tris prior has (the 3 birds) but you could proably get some from a $2 shop.
for the hair just leave it down
Top half- Plain black singlet and black leather jacket

An alternative option for a leather jacket is a black bomber jacket or just a black jacket.
Bottom half- Black jeans or leggings and black combat boots
An alternative for the combat boots are just black shoes or boots

Costume 2- The Walking Dead, Carl
Now, i love the walking dead and Chandler Riggs in Season 6 and last half of season 5 is so damm fine even though he is 4/5 years older than me. Now i didnt have the hat Carl wears but im sure you could pick up a cowboy hat at a $2 shop.
For the hair if your a girl tie it back in a low pony tail if you have long hair
Top half- Plain grey tee-shirt and a flannie
Also Carl doesnt really have any dirt or blood on his face (unlike Rick at the end of season 5) so you dont really need any make-up
Bottom half- Any jeans and combat boots
An alternative for jeans is leggings and combat boots would be black shoes or boots

Costume 3- What Carl and the gang fight zombies
So this costume is a bit more complex, you will need parent permission so cut holes into your clothes and dont you good clothes. Plus i dont really suggest using red lipstick because i did and it was so hard to get of my skin and i couldnt fully get it off
For the hair just rough it up a bit
Face/body make-up- You will need red lipstick or fake blood and brown and black eyeshadow.
Face- you will need to create cuts/wounds with red lipstick or fake blood and smudge it a bit then get brown and black eyeshadow and create dirt and stuff and also smudge that a bit to make it look a bit more natural
Body- just all around your body and in-between the cuts in your clothes but fake blood or red lipstick and smudge it to make it look like blood. and you can also put a bit of brown and black eyeshadow for dirt- also i did this without the fx make-up and latex and stuff
This are the products i used and i did re-create these looks myself and also the make-up just to make sure that it actually works
Top half- an old singlet and red lipstick 

Bottom half- i choose an old pair of leggings and i forgot to take a picture of the shoes but just any shoes really- you can rough them up if you would like
PS- after cutting the holes rip them around the sides with your hands to make the rips look a bit more natural

Now i had so much fun coming up with the costume ideas and making them then testing them out and tweaking them then doing the makeup and writing the post. if you re-create any of these costumes make sure to tag me on instagram
Thank-you all so much for reading, remember to go check out my last post while your at it and give that some love, i really hope you enjoyed and i love you all so much. you mean the world to me and so does your support and your all bloody amazing but until tomorrow night, bye
Im sorry for re-posting this, its just i worked really hard on this and i wanted it to get a bit more love

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