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Saturday, 22 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs D.I.Y lollipop graveyard

hey chickens,
now sorry this post was a bit late but i had a party to go to then i was doing stuff with my dad but im still getting a post up for you guys. now i dont know if lollipop graveyards have been done before and they probably have so im not taking credit for this its just something that came to me and i thought it would be a good idea and something fun to do, lets get started

What you will need-
2 or more sheets of white or green paper
Blue tack
textas- greens, blacks and browns
sticky tape
a pen
a shoebox
some small decorations- i chose a gravestone and some skull heads because it fitted well with the graveyard theme
and last but not least of-course lollipops

Step 1-
cover the top of your shoebox with the paper of your choice and secure it with sticky tape
Step 2-
get your decorations, but blue-tack on the bottom of them then stick them onto your shoebox

Step 3-
poke holes with your pen into the shoebox to place your lollipops then but your lollipops into the holes

Step 4-
Repeat step 3 until you have your desired amount of lollipops
Step 5-
to make it look more like a graveyard you can add green texta on the white paper to make it look like grass
then voila' in 5 easy steps you can create a cute little lollipop graveyard for a halloween party or you could use this at any time of the year. now i know mine isnt the best, but i tried my hardest to make it to the best of my ability. im not taking full credit for this idea because someone has probably done this before.
I worked really hard on this post and all of my diy and hands on posts take a look of effort and time so pretty please with a cherry on top show this a bit of love. check out my other post as-well. i love you all so much, your all amazing and so is your support, now sorry this post was really late but until tomorrow night, bye
Also comment down below what your thoughts are about my D.I,Y posts xoxox love you

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  1. This is cute, I mean I don't think it's supposed to be cute but I really like it! So cool

    Nira xx |