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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs E.L.F eyebrow kit review

hey everyone,
so just quickly before i start, im not sure if im still going to call you chickens, ill have a think about but anyway lets get into this.
so today im going to be reviewing the E.L.F eyebrow kit, now just quickly before i start this isnt sponsored and this is my honest opinion.

Now for a while ive wanted an eyebrow kit so i decided to get one, now im quite bad at my eyebrows and i only just fill the in. Now i love the price of E.L.F's products because they are so affordable and good qualty (fun story, one of you guys actually told me about elf because they had make-up brushes for cheap prices). i got it in the colour dark to medium because i have dark brown hair so my eyebrows are like almost the same colour :)
Now it comes with a small brush and gel + powder for your eyebrows (gel is the dark one, powder is the lighter one). i think this is a very good eyebrow product and its easy to aply and take off and a little bit of powder or the gel goes a long way. the product is in a nice and hard container thing so when your travelling it wont spill everyone and it comes with a mirror too like bonus. The powder is compacted enough that it doesnt just spill when you use it but its not hard like the gel and the gel isnt thick its quite thin but makes your eyebrows look like it has that thickness without the feel of it being thick.
now i love this product and i would definitely recommend it and remember this isnt sponsored and im not being asked to say good things about the products, i actually really like them also here are two pictures of the product and im sorry it isnt the best quality

Thank-you all so much for reading, it means the world and your support means the world to me plus your amazing and i love you loads so until tomorrow bye, love you all

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