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Friday, 28 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs Guys, please

Hey chickens,
Now tonight i was busy because i had to go out and only got home like an hour ago but i thought, i dont want to not get a blogpost up when im so close to the 31 of October, so yeah. but im actually just a bit down because of this and you'll get once i explain it.

So basically i get around 10 views average for my blogposts up most of my post have only been getting 8 views lately  and look im so grateful for the 8 views but it just puts me down a bit. like i put my heart and soul into most posts and they dont get any love. for example my most recent blogpost has 6 views and i spent so much time on that post and i was really proud of it. Now if you wanted please go and read all my #trickortreatwithemblogs posts because it would mean so much to me and if you did comment on every post and you will get something very special. look i know there are like 27 posts or something, but i think the reward might be worth it i dunno. but i am super thankful and grateful for everything will be blog.

Now im sorry this was a short post, but i love you all so much. your amazing, your cool, your like that emoji that has its tounge sticking out and one eye closed, you know what i mean but because all good things have to come to an end, i will see you all tomorrow night, bye

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