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Monday, 17 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs Halloween decoration part 1

hey chickens,
so i just thought why not take some pictures of halloween decoration ideas and share them with you guys. so that is what im doing and also some of the halloween things in this post are from past years because i re-use things, lets get started

So this first one has everything halloween type from last year that i brought in it but basically this is a decoration that i have in my room and i put a halloween twist on it.

Now this next one also has everything from last year and is a cute little pumpkin display with a candle

this one also has everything from last year and is a cute little green spider display also with a candle
this last one is a wall display with a fake cobweb from last year and some super cute skull fairylights from the reject shop
so i hope you enjoyed this little halloween decorations which later in the week i will be doing part two but thanks for reading, i love you all so much you and your support mean the world to me, plus your amazing and until tomorrow night, bye


  1. I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award

    Nira xx |

    1. thank-you, I'll check it out now, it means so much to me! xxx