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Friday, 21 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs Halloween decorations part 2

hey chickens,
So remember earlier this week when i did a Halloween decorations part 1 and i kept my promise of doing a part 2 because here it is. it will be the same format as the last one and most of the halloween type things in this post are from this year. lets get started

So this first one has the same exact layout as the last one but the halloween decorations are different. the headstone is from Woolworths (this year) which also lights up and then instead of the 2 black bats i replaced them with 2 skulls which are also from Woolworths and was from this year
This next one has a black skeleton (and i dont have a name for it yet- i was thinking Jarred) which is from Woolworths and was this year as-well and then the 2 pumpkin pails were from Woolworths but i got them last year and the 2 skull heads where from woolworths and the candles i think kmart
This one also features the light-up headstone with again the 2 skull heads (both are from Woolworths) and i just added 2 stones that say Luck and Dream with 2 candles
Now the cobweb and black bat i brought last year at Woolworths and Jarred the skeleton was brought this year at Woolworths
Thank you all so much for reading and thank you for your endless support and you just coming back everyday to read these posts means a lot to me. i love you all so much and remember that you are awesome but until tomorrow night, bye

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