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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs have you ever wondered?-where the image for things came from?

hey everyone,
so im currently writing this blogpost instead of watching the walking dead- dedication here but yeah. this topic actually crosses my mind a lot but what i mean is like where the picture for aliens, santa, the easter bunny and halloween figures, lets get started.

Now easter and christmas was originally to do with religon. i think christmas was jeus's birth and easter was god's or jeus's death then he came back to life- sorry if my information is wrong. but my point is jeus and god has nothing to do with a rabit or a happy man wearing red with a long beard. and before that santa was seen wearing blue and different colours- not red. also the easter bunny, like how did you get a rabit from jeus's death and coming back to live.

Also with halloween i dont know the history behind it but how do kids go around to strangers houses asking for food basically, like that is what is happening, kids going around to peoples house that they dont know asking for food which they also dont know what is in it but yeah. also aliens, omg where did the image for aliens come from. like a big head green skin colour like where did someone get that from. like did someone go oh aliens, they must be green with a big head, like really!!??

So thankyou all so much for reading, i love you all so much and your amazing plus your support means the world to me and until next time, bye
also comment down below what you think about this? i would like to know love you

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  1. I have wondered the same thing! I don't think aliens exist so where did they get the idea that they existed. Also crop circles, the first one, where did they get the idea that is was from something in space?

    Nira xx |