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Saturday, 29 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs I'm sorry, braces and blog stuff

Hey chickens,
So now in my last blogpost i explained and ranted a bit about the views my blogposts have been getting and then i re-read the post today and i thought i just hate the sound of this and i wasnt going to delete it because i thought i dont want you guys to think im perfect cause honestly i make mistakes and im fine with my mistakes being out there, you know what i mean. well lets get started.

Now i was such a bitch last night. i want to say im sorry for what i said, it was so selfish of me. im so grateful for my blog and the awesome people who i have meet though blogging. I'm so grateful for my 3,345 views on my blog and my 1,289 followers on instagram. You are all so wonderful and i sat myself down today and i thought, even if it is only 8 people, it is still 8 people that have read what i have to say. i decided that, im going to be fully happy with whatever view i get on my blog because over all, even if it is only one person that reads my post, that one person still decided to come back and read what i have to say.
Now, with that being said thank-you. like from the bottom of my heart, thank-you all so bloody much. Now i know everyone says this but honestly, if it weren't for you i probably wouldn't be writing this post.

Now, omg braces. Now i dont really talk about it much but its not a secret that i have braces. now your probably thinking, oh maybe emma is getting them off in a week or has already get them off, well no that isnt the case but they reason why im bringing this up is because today i was thinking about when i get them off. like i was thinking it will feel so weird because i cant remember the feeling of feeling around my mouth with my tounge and not to feel metal if that makes sense. also if your getting braces do not worry. im going to be honest and say yes they did hurt once a i got them on a few days after that but after a while they feel normal. and yes, all the appointments are really annoying but you just get used of it.

Now i just quickly want to touch on this before i do a full blogpost about just so you guys have a bit of background. Now for november im going to change up more format for blogposts just a bit. i want them to be more exciting and ive had the same format for a while, so just a heads up that will be coming out in November

Now thank you all so much for everything, you and your support mean so much to me and i love you all so much, plus your all cool cars but until tomorrow night. bye

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