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Thursday, 13 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs Its time to be happy

hey chickens,
so i do have halloween blogposts coming up this weekend and next week but there were some things i just needed to say. now this goes for everyone, its time to be happy. you need to just start being pure positive and happy and look at the moment im a bit down in the dumps and that is all to do with my friends. im going to just stat what im going to start doing to be happy and positive every day and if you want to do this blogpost to i guess just use the hashtag #positiveandhappybloggers and lets say everything that gets us down and how we are going to try and be more happy.

Now this is the whole reason why im down in the dumps a bit at the moment (and also this effects my blogposts, so sorry my posts have been a bit shit- im trying my hardest) but its my friends. its just they find every-way to put me down and comment on everything i do wrong and its fine for them because they all have each others back so if i say something like your so annoying as a joke everyone gets all defensive but with me, im just a boxing bag. they dont understand that those comments actually effect me. and im a push-over to them, if i dont do something they wont me to do they get annoyed and the drag me into things- honestly, ive had enough of their shit, sorry that got a bit out of hand
this is how im going to fix it- if they say anything negative towards me or try to get me to do something i dont want to do, im going to say No. im not just going to say, no please dont. im going to say No, very powerful and im going to mean it. im not going to let my guard down. and if they say anything negitive towards me im just going to be honest and say, you say your joking but that had to of come from somewhere and where it came from it wasnt a joke, plus it also quite effects me and they way i think

im going to stop trying to reach expectations in the social way and not care what people think. ive mention this before but im not skinny so i have when i put on my school clothes i feel bad about myself because im not skinny and ive always just wanted that thigh gap and ive also wanted a flat stomach and a good definiton in my jaw line and cheek bones but im come to relise that just isnt me. im learing to love myself more and im trying not to compare myself to others. and social expectations, i mean everyone knows what im talking about and these 'expectations' are so shit.
how im going to fix this- im just going to start saying to myself that i am fine they way i am, i dont need a thigh gap and i dont need to fit into size 6 tops and size 8 jeans. and just screw social expectations,

Also im not going to go on anymore but i wanted to add this is. if your a apparel company (maybe, target, kmart, supre or factorie) you need to re-think every aspect of your sizes. im not meaning to do this but im calling supre out on this, i love supres clothes i shop their all the time but why dont you go any higher than size 16 in pants because i couldnt purchase a pair of denim shorts that i loved because i didnt fit in a size 16 and yes they did have a size 18 in shorts that were not denim. and why dont shops like factorie and supre sont really go and higher than a large in tee-shirts. now they do go up to XL in some tops and they do go higher than a 16 in some pants but my point is isnt not every product.
Now target. i love their lily loves range and i fit into their clothes perfectly, but im talking abou the bras and this goes for every shop that sells bras. if someone has a bigger chest, they cant but the nice fancy bras because they dont go up into those sizes and this goes for bikini tops too. like why cant someone with a bigger chest have nice bras, please someone explain this for me because it seems like absolute bullshit to me.
Also i love shopping at all the shops i mention, i just wanted examples of how bigger females cant always get nice clothes ect and i didnt mean any disrespect to the shops.

thank-you all so much for reading, i love you all so much and your amazing plus your support means the world to me and im sorry this post was a bit different but i think it needed to be said but regardless i love you all so much and see you tomorrow night, bye


  1. So sorry this is happening to you. Hopefully you get through it and your friends realise the mistake they are making x

    Najida | The Average Gurl

    1. thank-you xxx Don't be sorry, not everything is going to perfect xx

  2. Good job on posting this. Shops do need to go up sizes and it's so true that the really nice clothes fit the skinny only. I'm skinny but not much fits me because I'm that not short but not tall type. Also your friends are not friends if they do that. They're missing out on a great person!

    Nira xx |

    1. thank-you, and i wen't a tad far with the shops but i think i got the point across xxxx