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Sunday, 9 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs My favourite songs for Halloween

hey everyone,
so this afternoon ive been coming up with ideas for future blogposts and taking photos for blogposts this week and while working you want a good playlist to put you in the mood so i put on a halloween one and then i thought i could do a halloween playlist blogpost so that is what is going to be happening.

This is Halloween (from the nightmare before Christmas)- D.Elfman
Thriller- Michael Jackson
Highway to Hell- AC/DC
Somebody's watching me- Rockwell
Disturbia- Rihanna
The addams family- The city of prague
Ghostbusters- Ray Parker Jr.
E.T- Katy perry
Men in black- Will smith
Sweet dreams (are made of this)- Marilyn Manson
Scooby Doo- TV themes
Theme song from Friday the 13th- Orlando pops orchestra
Eye of the tiger- Survivor
Beat it- Michael Jackson

Also just quickly i made this playlist on spotify so where i put the artist and its TV themes its because that is what spotify has as the artist.
So thankyou all so much for reading, your amazing and i love you all plus your support means the world to me and i dont know if i mention this in the last post but my blog has over 3k views, like thats fricken insane but until tomorrow, bye

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