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Friday, 7 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs umm, please explain

hey everyone,
Now, in the past say 24 hours these clowns have blown up the internet. if you dont know what has happened like me, well this is what i found out.'

  • they are people that dress up as clowns and chase people when its dark
Now that is all i know. if your one of those clown people (sorry, i dont know if they have a specific name) i dont have an opinion on what your doing because ive heard some people say its fake but then appaterntly they have a facebook page- this is all what i have heard from other people so i dont know what is the truth and what isnt.
please tell me any information that you know because i have no idea whats happening and i also read something about that its actually very dangerous- dont know

Sorry for the short and simple post, i just want some clarification. thank-you all so much for reading i love you all so much, your amazing and until tomorrow bye plus your support means the world to me 

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