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Monday, 24 October 2016

#trickortreatwithemblogs THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 7

hey chickens,
so i know i have been going on and on about the walking dead but the night is finally here guys. the season 7, episode 1 premiere for the walking dead, so lets get into me just talking about my excitment

Now, in Australia the walking dead is on FX at 7:30 (they have had other times and stuff but this was the one that suited me the most), and right now while Im writing this very words its 6:53, i cant actually contain my excitement. i haven't come across on spoilers online yet which im happy about. im just actually so happy because ive been waiting for months for season 7 and its finally here so im like wow, where did that time go.
Now i know this post is really short and you probably want to slap me in the face because ive mention the walking dead about 5 times just in this month but im so excited. now i want you guys to comment down below you favourite tv show. also remember to check out all my other posts.

Now i love you all so much you mean everything to me and so does your support (and so does the walking dead), your all amazing but until tomorrow night, bye

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