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Monday, 10 October 2016

#trickortreawithemblogs 5 ways to keep organised at school

hey chickens,
So i dont know about you guys but im finding it a bit hard to keep up with school at the moment and its all very stressful. so if your in the same situation here are 5 tips to staying organized at school. also im usually up to date with all of my school work and i mostly am except for 1 or 2 subjects and im trying really hard to keep up to date- im not just slacking off :)))

Tip 1- Keep everything for that subject together
Now for every subject have a binder, or clipboard or folder and just keep everything in that folder- all of your books, notes and worksheets keep them in one place so its harder to lose them.
Tip 2- Keep your workbooks tidy
Recently i went through some of my workbooks and re-wrote it all out into another book because it was so messy and if i had notes or something i found it quite hard to fine them
Tip 3- Lists, Lists, Lists
Now keep a running list through-out the day of your homework or when somethings due and it helps to keep that on one list and put it somewhere, where you will see it (i like to put mine on the front of my laptop
Tip 4- Have a planner
Now dont be a planner freak and swear by it but it really helps to have a weekly planner sitting on your desk with everything you need to remember, my planner is just from kmart and it has everyday of the week than priorities, dont forget and to do and i find it so helpful because im not forgetting things like when i have sport for an example
Tip 5- dont over it
i know sometimes things get awfully stressful but remember to relax, dont stay up way to late doing homework cause the teachers can suck it up that your essay was one day late because your health and wellbeing is more important than some stupid essay that wont even make a difference in your life in 10 years

Well thank you all so much for reading, i love you all so much and your amazing and i hope your enjoying my halloween blogpost i sure am and your support means the world to me but until next time, bye
Also please comment down below ways that you keep organised at school and pretty please also comment the ways that you guys use to

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