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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Non titled post

Hey chickens,
First of all your probably wondering about the title of this blogpost basically, I can explain. I'm running out of ideas of titles for blogposts (I know, strange) so this is what this post is going to be called- Non titled post. Now, this post I just feel like rambling about one thing so I can get it off my chest and be done with it and then the rest will be quite upbeat.

I see this more on Youtube then blogs, but it probably does happen with bloggers too. Youtubers and bloggers that have big platforms usually have P.O boxes and company's will send them stuff and most of the time it is pretty big company's (that sell expensive things). These people are usually already rich so they could probably 100 of these products- Why do the rich get free stuff and the poor have to pay? that logic makes no sense and also I don't get how they can say that they like this product to their fans/viewers. What I mean is they say oh I love this product when really they got it sent to them and they are getting paid to say that. I could never do that with you guys, I would never lie to you guys. If you are a hater and want to say that I review Rimmel London's products I'll tell you how that works. I don't get paid to say good things about Rimmel London's products I don't get paid at all, I get sent the products to use them then review them on my blog and be honest about them. Any other product I review on my blog, I've brought with money and saying my honest opinion about them.
Glad I got that outrage thing off my chest.

I have exciting news, tomorrow is my birthday! 27 of November, I can't believe it. Comment down below your birthday, I'm interested. Now just then when I was writing this my laptop went out of charge and I had to make a dash to my charger. What I was going to say is it's crazy how fast this year has gone, it felt like yesterday I was getting ready for my first day of year 7. Here is a piece of advice if next year is your first year at high school. Don't stress too much and just let everything flow like I thought people weren't going to like me and I wasn't going to have any friends because I'm not skinny and I have braces but now I've got a great group of friends and a crush that doesn't like me back, anyway..... but yeah and this goes for everyone if your not having a good time, get it out. Whether it's through art, blogging or even just writing it down- don't keep everything bottled up inside you. Wow, that got kinda deep but on a lighter note I've been planning Christmas blogposts, and I've got some good ones this year and I'm also going to do some updated ones if that make sense.

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you for reading and for your support, it means everything to me. You guys are all great human beings, I hope you enjoyed the post and I love you all to Venus and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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