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Friday, 23 December 2016

Favourite Christmas decorations

Hey chickens,
I understand that the last few blogposts have gone up quite late, I don't really have an excuse for it because the reason is, I've just been watching to many Christmas movies of a night (right now I'm watching The Polar Express). This post is kinda like a part 2, to yesterdays post. If you didn't catch yesterdays post, I basically did a Favourite Christmas tree ornaments. Well, enough rambling, lets get on with this post (this post will be more detailed than last nights post).

This is just a picture of all the decorations together.

I got this really cute little teddy a few years ago as part of a Christmas present, and I just love it. The Christmas present was a Christmas mug and it has a teddy bear on it wearing a Christmas jumper and they teddy bear came inside the mug.
This angel I got from a 2 dollar shop earlier this year, and I didn't plan on it being for Christmas but it turned out as a great Christmas decoration this year.
Now this teddy bear I have no idea where I got it from. I think it's my mums and she gave it to me or maybe I stole it from my mum... oops

 This stocking I didn't even know we had this stocking until my mum got out my brothers and mine Christmas stockings and so I was like, omg, this is so cute, this is definitly a Christmas decoration (in my room) this year.
This gingerbread man, I actually got from Kmart this year in the kids section. I also got one of the 2016 Christmas teddy bears because why not. I was going to get the bigger version of the gingerbread man but I thought the smaller one was cuter

Legit, like beanie kids. Honestly, I got this years ago from my mum at Christmas time and I have it all year round with my beanie kids but when its Christmas it comes out to be placed on my bed.

This little wooden heart I got from a little shop but I loved it so much. It say's 'Believe in the magic of Christmas' and honestly I am keeping this up all year round because it explains my life.

Also I couldn't be bothered to take the photo, then download it on my laptop and stuff so I will explain. The first thing is of course a Santa hat, even though it is boiling hot here (I live in Melbourne, Australia and it is currently summer) and I would probably die of over heating if I wore this one on Christmas day (it is meant to be like 35 degrees) but I'm going to try and do it. The second thing is, my Santa phone case. It is from Kmart and I got it last year but it's so festive, I just love it!

Like honestly, I love Christmas so much and I'm not even sure what it is I love so much. I think it's just all the cheer and the colours and the giving and receiving, just it's a wonderful time of year.
Now, the blogposts for the next few days will go like this. Christmas Eve's blogpost (tomorrow) will go up during the day and Christmas days blogpost will go up in the morning. Then after Christmas, I probably won't post a blogpost until New Years Eve, but I might.

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you all so much for reading and for your endless and amazing support. I hope you have enjoyed my mini blogmas although it isn't finish just yet. Also, I'm really sorry that this post is going up at around ten to 11. Well, I love you all to Jupiter and back but until tomorrow, bye
Em blogs signing off

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