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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

5 ways to stay cool this summer

Hey chickens,
So yes, this post was meant to go up last night but I got distracted and watched Scream (which is a really good movie) and I thought it was too late to post it so I'm going to post it in the morning for last night and there will be another post tonight. Hopefully that all made sense. Now, because it is summer and it's hot, we all want to stay cool right (or maybe that is just me) but I thought I would share 5 ideas that I came up with to stay nice and cold in summer. Anyway, let's get started.

1- Go to the beach
Now, if you live in an area that has a beach, go to it. You have water, you have sand and you have the sun, everything you need for a hot summers day.
2- Dump a bucket of cold water over your head
Go to some type of tap with a bucket and fill it up cold water. Go outside and pour it over you head. I'm 99% sure that you will instantly be freezing cold.
3- Go to a pool
If you have a pool yourself or if there is a pool in your area, go to it. You can cool off while have a nice swim.
4- Have a cold shower
Nothing is easier then having a cold shower. I mean it may not be the nicest thing in the world but at least you will probably cool off.
5- Stay inside... with air conditioning or a fan
And last but not least, stay inside with a air condition or fan. It's really easy to do and it's a good way to stay cold, all day long.

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you for reading this blogpost and for your support, it means a lot to me. If you are on summer holidays, hopefully you are enjoying them and I also hope you enjoyed this post. I love you all to Venus and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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  1. Loved this post! Loved tip number 2 "I'm 99% sure that you will instantly be freezing cold." :D hahahaha

    Nira xx |