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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Have you ever wondered.....History

Hey chickens,
So you are probably thinking, what are you talking about Emma. What's wrong with history? Well, I don't know if this have ever come across your mind when you are in history class at school but sometimes I think, where do they get this from. Now, this is probably me just being dumb and stupid but it's also in the back of my mind at the same time.

I know they have old artefacts from specific times of history but something seems fishy. Like how do scientists know that this happened in that exact sequence without any witnesses. I mean, you look at it these days, someone tells a story and it gets passed on but through being passed on things get left and and things get added in. So, how do sources know that certain things happened thousands of years ago. For example, dinosaurs. They are so cool but there are pictures of what dinosaurs look like and I know that there are bones but if you compare what some dinosaurs look like to a crocodile, they look nothing alike. A typical dinosaur looks massive and power (and yes, crocodiles are quite powerful) but crocodiles are simple compared to a dinosaur. When all the dinosaurs died, only one survived but how did JUST the crocodiles survive. I went it to detail about this for about an hour thinking. You could say that they lived in the water but apparently a fair few dinosaurs lived in water so why didn't they survive. How people lived is also an example. I've also been wondereding this but how the hell we got here and how animals got here. I do know that scientists say that humans evolved from apes but would there be no apes because they all evolved into humans. Animals, I have no explanation for them, they couldn't really of evolved from anything but yeah.

Comment down below what your thoughts are on this because I spent hours trying to wrap my mind around all of these things. And I am interested in what your thoughts are on this or if you have any other examples.
Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thanks so much for reading this new Have You Ever Wondered. Thank you for your amazing fantastic support, it means a lot to me. There will be more blogposts coming out within these next few weeks and sorry again for my like a week 'off'. I do hope you enjoyed this post, maybe it even got you thinking. I love you all to Jupiter and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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  1. I also wonder how we got here and how everything started. I want truth not estimates/guesses. But I guess that's as best that I will get for now. Loved this post!

    Nira xx |