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Monday, 20 February 2017

Nude by Nature review

Hey chickens,
Today I thought I would post this blogpost. Now, this is my own personal opinion, I'm not being paid or asked to say this by Nude by Nature nor have they sent me these products to review, I've brought them with my own money or someone else has brought them for me. Also if you're thinking, I've seen this post before, your not going crazy, you have. At the start of January, I posted this blogpost but it was written and posted from my phone so the blogpost was all messed up and the pictures weren't coming up with anything, so I'm fixing it all up now.

Nude by Nature is an Australian mineral makeup brand. They are 100% certified PETA, cruelty free brand (which means they don't test on animals and they are recognised on that by PETA). I personally love their products, they feel amazing on the skin and blend really nicely and thier palettes have really good colour pay-off. Their makeup brushes are amazing, they are my favourite brushes (alongside with Elf). They blend your makeup fantastically and are really easy to clean. The only catch with this brand is the price. Their products are on the pricey side but I do personally think it's worth it to save up that extra money.

I am going to be doing reviews on these products in separate blogposts, so I won't go into to much detail now. I just wanted to introduce you guys to this brand because I feel like it isn't very well known, when really it has some really awesome products.

Now these are the products that I own from Nude by Nature-
The contour brush
The liquid mineral concealer in light
The BB 5-in-1 miracle cream in light
The pawpaw ointment
The Natural Wonders eye-shadow palette
The contour palette
The highlight palette
The essentials brush collection
The Odyssey complexion collection

The pawpaw ointment, The Liquid mineral concealer, The BB cream and The Contour brush-
The Contour brush is great for Contour, also great for blush and highlighter.
The BB cream has great coverage, blends really easy and is really cheap, from Priceline it is about $10 AUD
The concealer is a little harder to blend but it does have great coverage for covering up spots on your face.
The pawpaw ointment is nice to have on your lips through-out the day for a bit of shine while it moisturisers your lips.

The essential brush pack-
I actually picked this up at a Priceline sale back in November, for about $23.00 AUD (the normal price was about $40.00 AUD) and it includes 7 really soft brushes. It came with a little case that you can slot them in and I actually love this case so much, it has a rose gold zip and its great for transporting your makeup brushes. The brushes in the pack were- The kabuki brush, The powder brush, The concealer brush, The eyeshadow brush, The eye blender brush, The eye definer brush and The lip brush.

Odyssey complexion collection (bit of a tongue twister)-
I got this for Christmas and it is a really good pack. It comes with Natural mineral cover, Airbrush mineral primer, Mineral finishing veil, Liquid mineral concealer, Sheer light illuminater, Virgin blush, Deluxe compact mirror and a kabuki brush. I have pictures of the products in my last blogpost.

Natural wonders eye palette-
This palette has some of the most beautiful shades of eyeshadow and I can't even describe my love for the rose gold packaging and how well all the colours go together. I will have to admit that I only use the blue when I'm doing makeup looks at home.
                                                              No Flash-

Highlighting palette-
This literally has the best pigmentation of a powder highlight. All the colours in this palette look amazing, they blend easy, have great colour pay-off and are just really pretty.
Flash-                                                                                                                               No Flash-

Contour palette-
This contour palette is actually so good. It's really nice and for people like me that aren't at the starting level of contour but aren't pro at it, so its nice for that in-between if you get what I mean. The bronzing shade in this is actually the best shade for a bronzer.
Flash-                                                                                                                               No Flash-


Overall, this is one of my favourite makeup brands (alongside with Rimmel). The products are really nice on my skin and I love that they don't test on animals. Also, again, this post isn't sponsored in anyway or I'm not being asked to say this, this is just my own pure opinion. If you are interested in going to check out there products you can shop there products at Priceline, Chemist Wharehouse or go to there website
Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank you so much for reading this post and for your endless and amazing support. Everything and anything you do is just so fantastic. This week and from now on, I am going to try and upload at least twice a week but that isn't a promise. I do hope you enjoyed this post, I love you all to Mars and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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