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Saturday, 18 February 2017

What I got for Christmas 2016

Hey chickens,
Now, I am very much aware that its the 18th of February but today is the day where I had nothing on so that meant sitting down and writing this blogpost. I also understand that it isn't even remotely Christmas mood anymore but I still wanted to upload this. Now, I am not trying to brag or show off, I purely just wanted to share with you all what I got for Xmas. This post is going to be quite long anyway so let's just get started. 

Mum's House-
So this is what I received from my Mum (The pictures will be in order will the description) 
I got a very, very pretty black dress. It's from the brand Lily Loves (which is a brand that Target made) and the back of it has a pretty, cut-out floral design. Then I got two sets of pjs and can I say they are the most comfy things I've ever worn. I got a Carl pop vinyl which is super cute. I got two movies. One was Nerve which I flipping love, its one of my favourite movies and I also got Confessions of a Shopaholic and honestly I like love this movie its so true for people that like to shop. Then I got a bath bomb which I loved using. I got the new Diary of a Wimpy kid book, Double Down which I've read like 4 times by now because I love the Diary of a Wimpy kid books. Then I got a little Sagittarius horoscope book for 2017 (basically it has my horoscope thing for everyday of 2017). I got this super pretty white dream catcher and a little Sagittarius thing that you can hang up and its cute and has copper on it. Then I got this super pretty bracelet which I wear almost everyday and it has a Hamsa Hand on it. Then I got a little bug, which if you have read my What I got for my Birthday 2016 blogpost then you will understand. I don't know how to explain this last thing but it is basically like a little Christmas decoration and I do have to admit that I do have it in my room. Then last but not least I got the Walking Dead Best Defence game. I've played this quite a few times since Christmas and it is a game that goes on for ages and you need to pay attention and work together but non the less, I love it.

Dads House-
This is what I received from my Dad. (The pictures will be in order with the description)
First of all I got a Remington straighter, this is literally the best hair straighter. You can adjust the temperature to what you want it to be and it heats up and cools down really quickly. Then I got a pack from Nude by Nature, which I love this brand so much. The odyssey pack included a rose gold compacted mirror, a mineral blush, a mineral finishing veil, a natural mineral cover, and illuminate and a primer and a kabuki brush. All the packaging in this set is rose gold which is so pretty and I just love and use everything in this set. Then I got three nighties. One is black and grey which has an Elmo and says takes free tickles. One is blue and has a Garfield and says not a morning cat which is totally me. The last one is black and grey again and it has little Micky Mouse heads all over it and a fluro pink M. Then I got a Star Wars singlet because I love it and it is dark grey. It says Jedi master and yeah I like it. Then I got a Walking Dead calendar which has amazing pictures of the cast. Then I have two new books. A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray which I haven't read this book yet I have read another one of her books and I loved it. Then I have read this book and I suggest it so much because it was so good. It was Lies I Told by Michelle Zink. Then last but not least I got the highlight palette by Nude by Nature which may I say is amazing. The pigmentation is so flipping good.  

Then from one of my Auntie an Uncle I got this little copper dream catcher/wind chim and it has 'Emma' in the middle of it and its just really cute. I also got from them the Taylor Swift Incredible Things perfume and I'm not much of a fan of perfume because the scents are too strong but this has the most amazing smell but its not too strong which is fantastic. Then I also got from my grandparents on my dads side this little pack that has a body butter and a shower lotion which they smell amazing and I have used both of them quite a lot.

Then I got some money. This was just from a fair few people in my family.
 I also got some chocolate stockings but they are long gone by now.
 I'm going to finish this here. Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you for reading this long blogpost. And thank-you for your support recently, it has been amazing. Also thanks so much for over 4,000 views for my blog like that is so unreal. I hope your weekend has been good so far and I love you to Mars and back but until neck time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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